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Assistance: FAQ

I have a court order that says NIC will certify my jail. Can you do that for me?

No, NIC does not certify jails. NIC is not an investigatory or regulatory agency. NIC’s interest is in determining how best you can provide detention services in your community in a manner that is safe for inmates, staff and the public.

Can you pay for a keynote speaker at our conference?

No, NIC cannot provide funding for keynote speakers at a conference. However, NIC can provide training at a conference providing it meets our initiatives.

Can you do a staffing analysis, population projection, and/or feasibility study for our agency?

No, NIC cannot provide such services. These studies are very lengthy and complicated, and we do not have the resources to do them.

Who receives the technical assistance report?

Both NIC and the agency representative who requested the technical assistance will receive a copy of the technical assistance report. The agency is free to distribute the report. 

Do you give grants for equipment and training?

NIC is not a funding agency. We do not provide you with a grant to purchase equipment or procure training. NIC does not provide funds directly to an agency. When we provide assistance, we fund the cost of consultants' travel and time.

Who has to sign the technical assistance request letter?

The CEO of your agency. For example, the Director of Corrections, the Sheriff, or County Administrator must sign the Request Assistance request letter

How much will requesting assistance cost my agency?

NIC provides services free of charge. However, it is expected that the requesting agency provide access to staff, data, and anything else that will help us help you.