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Christian Henrichson

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in North Carolina

    Those looking to increase the age of juvenile jurisdiction to 18 will find this report useful in getting their shareholders on board with the chang

  • A Guide to Calculating Justice-System Marginal Costs

    "Any economic study of a justice-related investment needs to use the right cost information in its calculations.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis and Justice Policy Toolkit

    "Justice policymakers must make tough choices with limited resources.

  • End of An Era? The Impact of Drug Law Reform in New York City

    This report empirically shows the benefits that can happen if a state reforms its excessively punitive drug control laws.

  • The Price of Jails: Measuring the Taxpayer Cost of Local Incarceration

    "Jails are far more expensive than previously understood, as significant jail expenditures-such as employee salaries and benefits, health care and

  • In Our Own Backyard: Confronting Growth and Disparities in American Jails

    "Although jails are the “front door” to mass incarceration, there is not enough data for justice system stakeholders and others to understand how t