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Connie Clem

Sections of these proceedings are: "Program Session: Veterans—Courts, Housing, and Programs": "Part 1: Veterans: Considerations for Inmates and Staff" by Dane Collins, and "Part 2. The VA's Veterans Justice Programs and the Veterans Reentry Search Service" by Joel Rosenthal; "Program Session: Restrictive Housing: Step-Down Measures": "Part 1. Douglas County Special Management Unit—Segregation" by Mark Foxall, and "Part 2. Restrictive Housing" by Dane Collins; "Program Session: Re-Entry Programs and Partnerships with the Community": "Part 1. Opportunities in Jail Reentry" by A.T. Wall, "Part 2. Denver's TJC Experience: Transition from Jail to the Community" by Lisa Calderon, "Part 3. Southeast Regional Re-Entry and Rehabilitation Program" by Marlin Gusman; "Program Session: Data—What to Capture and How to Use It": "Part 1. Data: What We Should Capture and How We Should Use It" by Melissa Kovacs, and "Part 2. Data Collection for Performance Outcomes" by Marilyn Chandler Ford; "Program Session: Building the Jail's Workforce": "Part 1: Recruit, Hire, Train, and Retain a Diverse Workforce" by Charles Hank, and "Part 2. Orange County Corrections University & Recruitment" by Comita A. Riley; "Open Forum"; professional association updates; and future meeting topics.

Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, March 22 – 24, 2015 cover

Demographics, turnover, and leadership development for four levels of correctional management (e.g., executive leaders, senior leaders, managers, and supervisors) are analyzed. Sections comprising this report are: project background; key findings; the survey sample; overview -- analysis of data for all responses; analysis of data on executive level positions; analysis of data on senior leader positions; analysis of data on management level positions; analysis of data on supervisory positions; analysis of data on jails; analysis of data on prisons; analysis of data on community corrections; and correctional leadership demographics.

Results of Data Analysis
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