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Cramer, Lindsey

Model Practices for Parents in Prisons and Jails: Reducing Barriers to Family Connections

The objective of this document is to detail a set of practices that correctional administrators can implement to remove barriers that inhibit children from cultivating or maintaining relationships with their incarcerated parents during and immediately after incarceration.

Toolkit for Developing Family-Focused Jail Programs

This toolkit identifys promising practices for developing family-centered jail programs to address the effects of incarceration of parents on children.

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Thinking Local for State Justice Reinvestment

This policy brief considers the importance of collaboration with local justice partners to create state­ level justice reinvestment solutions.

Justice Reinvestment Initiative State Assessment Report

This report describes the JRI model and the experiences and interim outcomes in 17 participating JRI states.

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative: Experiences from the States

This brief summarizes the efforts of states involved in the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), a program designed to identify and implement cost-efficient, evidence-based criminal justice reforms.

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