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Ghandnoosh, Nazgol

U.S. Prison Population Trends 1999-2014: Broad Variation Among States in Recent Years

A comparative analysis of U.S. Prison Population Trends 1999-2014 reveals broad variation in nationwide incarceration trends across states.      

Incorporating Racial Equality Into Criminal Justice Reform

This briefing paper provides an overview of racial disparities in the criminal justice system and a framework for remedying these disparities.

Race and Punishment: Racial Perceptions of Crime and Support for Punitive Policies

This report establishes that skewed racial perceptions of crime have bolstered harsh and biased criminal justice policies.

Fewer Prisoners, Less Crime: A Tale of Three States

Three states – New York, NewJersey, and California – have achieved prison population reductions in the range of 25%. They have also seen their crime rates generally decline at a faster pace than the national average.

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