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Holsinger, Alexander M.

Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data: The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes

This study's aim is to shed light on what the impact of pretrial detention may be on several non-Criminal Justice related outcomes.

Investigating the Impact of Pretrial Detention on Sentencing Outcomes

This study conducted in a Kentucky jail uses eight research questions to examine the relationship between pretrial detention and sentencing.

The Hidden Costs of Pretrial Detention

This study investigates the impact of pretrial detention on pretrial outcomes and post-disposition recidivism.

Changing Probation Officer Attitudes: Training Experience, Motivation, and Knowledge

The impact of evidence-based training on the level of probation officers’ (POs) knowledge of “what works” in effective interventions and also on the POs’ attitudes about providing better service are examined.

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