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Laura Draper

  • Improving Outcomes for People with Mental Illnesses Under Community Corrections Supervision: A Guide to Research-Informed Policy and Practice

    “This guide is organized around policymakers’ common questions about people with mental illnesses under community corrections supervision and the t

  • Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Tailoring Law Enforcement Initiatives to Individual Jurisdictions

    While this guide is written for police departments, sheriff’s offices should find it helpful for developing approaches to interacting with mentally

  • Statewide Law Enforcement/Mental Health Efforts: Strategies to Support and Sustain Local Initiatives

    “The purpose of this document is to provide readers with a description of how statewide efforts can be organized and play a role in supporting SPRs

  • Lessons Learned: Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy

    This report describes how four law enforcement agencies, selected as learning sites, utilized the principles described in “Planning and Assessing a Law Enforcement Reentry Strategy”. Three sections follow an executive summary: collaboration-coordination and partnerships; program terms-activities and scope; and data collection and analysis-process and outcome. Also included are profiles of the four law enforcement agencies evaluated.