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Lois M. Quinn

Issues related to the ability of ex-offenders to get jobs after their release from imprisonment in Wisconsin are explored. An executive summary presents a review of findings and recommendations. This report is divided into two parts: mass incarceration of African American males—the most for any state in the United States; and transportation barriers to employment—suspensions of driver’s licenses due to not paying fines. “Given wide disparities in income among racial groups in Wisconsin and the intense levels of segregation in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, large numbers of ex-offenders released from Wisconsin correctional institutions reside in the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee – areas which have seen dramatic job losses and foreclosure actions during the economic recession. Bringing ex-offenders into full engagement in the current labor force is one of the most important challenges for Milwaukee and for the state” (p. 7).

Wisconsin’s Mass Incarceration of African American Males: Workforce Challenges for 2013 Cover
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