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Loomis, Melissa C.

Legal Responses to Sexual Violence in Custody: Using Existing State Mandatory Reporting Statutes to Improve Disclosure of Sexual Violence in Correctional Settings

This publication introduces mandatory reporting laws, and how these laws can help in responding to sexual abuse in custodial settings.

Sexual Abuse in Custody: A Case Law Survey

Collection of case law summaries relating to sexual abuse in custody.

Anti-Fraternization Policies and their Utility in Preventing Staff Sexual Abuse in Custody

To combat the problems that sexual and familial relationships between inmates and correctional workers can raise correctional authorities have created and implemented anti-fraternization policies to regulate relations between correctional staff and inmates.

Cross-gender Searches: A Case Law Survey

This document provides an overview of cross-gender search cases in both state and federal courts, focusing on what types of conduct most often result in individual and supervisory liability.

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