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Madeline M. Carter

  • The Role of Facilitators and Staff in Supporting Collaborative Teams

    The need for facilitators and staff to support collaborative teams is explained.

  • Evidence-Based Policy, Practice, and Decision-Making: Implications for Paroling Authorities

    New parole board members and parole executives should read this publication.

  • Dosage Probation: Rethinking the Structure of Probation Sentences

    This is a great introduction to a new probation strategy which links “the duration of probation supervision to the optimal amount of intervention a

  • Evidence-Based Decision Making: Victim Service Provider User's Guide

    "The purpose of this Guide is to prepare and assist VSPs [victim service providers) to become part of an EBDM [Evidence-Based Decision Making] poli

  • The Reentry of Formerly Incarcerated Persons: Key Accomplishments, Challenges, and Future Directions; A Report on the National Reentry Symposium: Promising Practices and Future Directions

    Recognizing the importance of effective reentry practices at the federal, state, and local levels, in September 2015, the U.S.