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Meghan Guevara

  • Implementing Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Community Corrections

    A “guide for [community corrections] agencies to transform themselves into evidence-based organizations” is provided (p.xv).

  • Putting the Pieces Together: Practical Strategies for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices

    Those new to the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) will find this publication to be a great guide to the process.

  • Evidence-Based Practice Skills Assessment for Criminal Justice Organizations, Version 1.0

    "The Evidence-based Practice Skills Assessment (EBPSA) is a self-report measurement tool designed to gauge the extent to which correctional staff d

  • Creating an Effective Pretrial Program: A Toolkit for Practitioners

    Pretrial program models "have evolved considerably in recent decades, and there is evidence to show that they can be more successful than the money