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Michael Rempel

  • A National Portrait of Domestic Violence Courts

    This report should be required reading for anyone interested in or developing a domestic violence court.

  • Testing the Cost Savings of Judicial Diversion: Final Report

    “In April 2009, New York State passed Rockefeller Drug Law Reform. The law eliminated mandatory prison sentences for most felony drug offenders.

  • Testing the Effects of New York's Domestic Violence Courts: A Statewide Impact Evaluation

    The effectiveness of domestic violence courts to positively impact court processing, case resolutions, and recidivism is examined.

  • A Statewide Evaluation of New York’s Adult Drug Courts: Identifying Which Policies Work Best

    This study documented the positive impact of drug courts in New York on re-arrest and re-conviction both.

  • A Community Court Grows in Brooklyn: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Red Hook Community Justice Center: Final Report

    This study examines the effectiveness of the Red Hook Community Justice Center (RHCJC) in tackling multiple problems that contribute to crime, publ