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Patricia van Voorhis

  • Classification of Women Offenders: A National Assessment of Current Practices

    Findings from a telephone assessment of state and federal practices for classifying women offenders are presented.

  • Classification of Women Offenders: A National Assessment of Current Practices and the Experiences of Three States

    The development of improved strategies for classifying female offenders is addressed. Sections of this report include:

  • Developing Gender-Specific Classification Systems for Women Offenders

    A report which highlights the results of two cooperative agreements from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) addressing the critical need f

  • Classification of Women Offenders: Gender-Responsive Approach to Risk/Needs Assessment

    An overview of the work done by collaborative partnerships to design and validate gender-responsive risk and needs assessments for female offenders

  • Achieving Accurate Pictures of Risk and Identifying Gender Responsive Needs: Two New Assessments for Women Offenders

    The development of new risk/needs assessments specifically designed for female offenders is discussed.

  • Women's Risk Factors and New Treatments/Interventions for Addressing Them: Evidence-Based Interventions in the United States and Canada

    This paper describes assessments of female offenders used by correctional agencies and the programs and resources provided by these agencies to mee

  • A Women's Typology of Pathways to Serious Crime With Custody and Treatment Implications

    Criminal career patterns, social context and features, psychological factors, potential matches in prior pathways research, sub-types, and treatmen