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Peggy Burke

  • Policy-Driven Responses to Probation and Parole Violations

    The author describes the experiences of probation and parole agencies from across the country that worked with NIC on developing innovative approac

  • Parole Violations Revisited: A Handbook on Strengthening Parole Practices for Public Safety and Successful Transition to the Community

    Presents steps that jurisdictions can take to assess their current parole violation and revocation policy and practice, identify targets of change,

  • TPC Reentry Handbook: Implementing the NIC Transition from Prison to the Community Model

    “The TPC Reentry Handbook has been developed as a resource for a broad range of stakeholders involved in improving transition and reentry practices

  • TPC Case Management Handbook: An Integrated Case Management Approach

    “This handbook is designed for teams of correctional and noncorrectional staff at the policy, management, and line staff levels who have been charg