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Pelletier, Elizabeth

The Prison Population Forecaster//State Prison Population: Reducing Mass Incarceration Requires Far-Reaching Reforms

The tool uses data from 15 states to forecast population trends and project the impact of changes on rates of admission or lengths of stay in prison.

Why do rates of sexual assault prevalence vary from report to report?

This post looks at the accuracy of data for female victims of sexual violence, using studies of sexual assaults and criminal justice data.

Locked In: Interactions with the Criminal Justice and Child Welfare Systems for LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW Who Engage in Survival Sex

This report focuses on LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning] youth who become involved in the commercial sex market to meet basic survival needs, describing their experiences with law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and the child welfare system.

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