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Ram Subramanian

  • Realigning Justice Resources: A Review of Population and Spending Shifts in Prison and Community Corrections

    This study demonstrated that there is not always a discernible relationship between population and spending shifts from one part of the system to another.
  • The Potential of Community Corrections to Improve Safety and Reduce Incarceration

    “As the size and cost of jails and prisons have grown, so too has the awareness that public investment in incarceration has not yielded the expecte

  • Playbook for Change? States Reconsider Mandatory Sentences

    “Since 2000, at least 29 states have taken steps to roll back mandatory sentences, with 32 bills passed in just the last five years.

  • Recalibrating Justice: A Review of 2013 State Sentencing and Corrections Trends

    "In 2013, 35 states passed at least 85 bills to change some aspect of how their criminal justice systems address sentencing and corrections.

  • Incarceration's Front Door: The Misuse of Jails in America

    "Local jails, which exist in nearly every town and city in America, are built to hold people deemed too dangerous to release pending trial or at hi

  • Relief in Sight? States Rethink the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Conviction, 2009-2014

    "For millions of Americans, the legal and life-restricting consequences of a criminal conviction continue even after they’ve repaid their debt to s

  • Solitary Confinement: Common Misconceptions and Emerging Safe Alternatives

    "Segregated housing, commonly known as solitary confinement, is increasingly being recognized in the United States as a human rights issue.

  • In Our Own Backyard: Confronting Growth and Disparities in American Jails

    "Although jails are the “front door” to mass incarceration, there is not enough data for justice system stakeholders and others to understand how t