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Ramirez, Rachelle

Using Front End Interventions To Achieve Public Safety And Healthy Communities

A key objective of the 2017 symposium was to introduce the concept of front-end interventions as a variety of activities occurring at the pretrial stage to respond to crime, other than traditional arrest and case processing.

Evidence-Based Decision Making: Victim Service Provider User's Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to prepare VSPs [victim service providers) to become part of an EBDM [Evidence-Based Decision Making] policy team.

Gender Responsive Discipline and Sanctions Policy Guide for Women’s Facilities

This Guide is designed to assist corrections professionals in revising policies and practices to more effectively manage women inmates.

Responding to the Needs of Women Veterans Involved in the Criminal Justice System

This document highlights the unique experiences and needs of women veterans who become justice-involved and offers a gender and trauma informed approach that criminal justice practitioners can use to more effectively manage this population.

Webinar Archive: Women Engaged in the Criminal Justice System

This website provides access to the presentation slides.

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