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Samuel A. Taxy

  • Stemming the Tide: Strategies to Reduce the Growth and Cut the Cost of the Federal Prison System

    “The federal prison population has risen dramatically over the past few decades, as more people are sentenced to prison and for longer terms.

  • Drivers of Growth in the Federal Prison Population

    "The federal prison population has grown by 750 percent since 1980, resulting in rapidly increasing expenditures for incarceration and dangerous ov

  • Drug Offenders in Federal Prisons: Estimates of Characteristics Based on Linked Data

    This Special Report presents "a description of drug offenders in federal prison, including criminal history, demographics, gun involvement in the o

  • Who Gets Time for Federal Drug Offenses? Data Trends and Opportunities for Reform

    "Almost half of the 195,809 federally sentenced individuals in the Bureau of Prisons are serving time for drug trafficking offenses, but little is

  • The Prison Population Forecaster // Federal Prison Population: How to reduce the federal prison population

    "The federal prison system is by far the nation’s single largest jailer, with a total of 205,795 inmates at the beginning of October 2015.