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Spurgeon Kennedy

  • National Institute of Corrections and DC Pretrial-Measuring What Matters-DC Public Safety

    This 30 minute program explores the National Institute of Corrections’ publication “Measuring What Matters: Outcome and Performance Measures for th

  • Promising Practices in Pretrial Diversion

    'The goal of this monograph is to inform criminal justice practitioners and state and local policy makers of: Promising and emerging practices in t

  • Measuring for Results: Outcome and Performance Measures for Pretrial Diversion Field

    "This publication outlines suggested outcome and performance measures and critical operational data for pretrial diversion programs.

  • Pretrial Justice: How to Maximize Public Safety, Court Appearance and Release [Internet Broadcast]

    “The history of bail and the law intertwined with [this] history tell us that the three goals underlying the bail process are to maxim

  • A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency

    This document highlights the commitment of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) to define and support evidence-based practices that improve

  • COVID-19: How are Pretrial Service Agencies Dealing with the Coronavirus? [Webinar]

    In line with directives from the White House, state authorities, and local officials, criminal justice agencies around the country have modified op

  • Measuring What Matters: Outcome and Performance Measures for the Pretrial Services Field [Webinar]

    Like its previous edition, Measuring What Matters, Second Edition helps agencies gather consistent and meaningful data to track the performance of

  • National Survey of Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils

    This publication presents findings from a national survey of criminal justice coordinating council (CJCC) directors and members.

  • Perceptions of Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

    Criminal justice coordinating councils (CJCCs) emerged in the 1970s and 80s as a means for systemic collaboration to improve the justice system.

  • Court Nonappearance and New Case Filings: Redefining Pretrial Misconduct

    The past two decades have enhanced our understanding of pretrial risk.

  • Incorporating Services and Support into Pretrial Supervision: Is There a Best Model?

    Behavioral health and social service needs are common in most arrest populations.

  • Promoting Pretrial Success: A New Model for Pretrial Supervision

    Pretrial supervision is a critical function of most pretrial services agencies.

  • Pretrial Publication Webinar Series

    The past two decades have enhanced our understanding of pretrial risk.