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Susan W. McCampbell

  • Investigating Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates [Lesson Plans]

    A curriculum to address the needs of those who investigate allegations of staff sexual misconduct is presented.

  • Staff Sexual Misconduct with Inmates: Policy Development Guide for Sheriffs and Jail Administrators

    Tools to assess an organization and implement strategies to prevent staff sexual misconduct in a jail setting are provided.

  • FutureForce: A Guide to Building the 21st Century Community Corrections Workforce

    This guide "explores current and future workforce challenges facing community corrections" (p. xiii).

  • Identifying Core Competencies and Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) for Jail Leaders: Methods and Outcomes

    The process by which it was determined what knowledge, skills, and abilities jail leaders should have in order to be successful at their jobs is ex