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Susan Yeres

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This 16-hour course explores the skills needed in leading group participants to achieve specific learning goals. The following modules are contained in this curriculum:

  • Introduction and course overview;
  • How we process learning;
  • Predicting and accommodating learner behavior;
  • Setting the climate;
  • Utilizing
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    This 16-hour course is designed for managers who run meetings and/or lead task groups. This curriculum is divided into seven modules:

    • Introduction and course overview;
    • What is facilitation;
    • Know yourself and your group;
    • Getting started;
    • Getting work done (task tools);
    • Handling challenges;
    • And completing
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      Designed for counselors or other staff who run offender groups, this 16-hour course addresses group process strategies. The following lesson plan modules are provided:

      • Introduction and course overview;
      • What facilitation is;
      • Goals for personal development;
      • Stages of group development;
      • Stages of individual
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        "The purpose of this resource is to improve outcomes when interacting with adolescent girls by providing some reasons why girls often behave differently from boys, and tips on how to approach situations involving girls in a way that will lead to the best possible outcome for them and ensure public