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Timothy R. Schnacke

  • Fundamentals of Bail: A Resource Guide for Pretrial Practitioners and a Framework for American Pretrial Reform

    "Pretrial justice requires that those seeking it be consistent with both their vision and with the concept of pretrial best practices, and this doc

  • Money as a Criminal Justice Stakeholder: The Judge's Decision to Release or Detain a Defendant Pretrial

    "The future of pretrial justice in America will come partly from our deliberative focus on our judges’ decisions to release or detain a criminal de

  • Pretrial Justice: How to Maximize Public Safety, Court Appearance and Release [Internet Broadcast]

    “The history of bail and the law intertwined with [this] history tell us that the three goals underlying the bail process are to maxim

  • Pretrial Release and Probation: What is the Same and What is Different?

    According to those who study evidence-based teaching methods, comparing and contrasting two different objects, persons, or even fields and discipli