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Body-Worn Video Cameras for Law Enforcement Assessment Report

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Correctional agencies will find this information very valuable. "The purpose of this assessment was to obtain information on body-worn video cameras that will be useful in making operational and procurement decisions. The activities associated with this assessment were based on recommendations from a focus group of emergency responders with experience using body-worn video cameras" (p. vi). Evaluation criteria consisted of affordability, capability, deployability, maintainability, and usability. Seven products are assessed: Safety Vision LLC Prima Facie Body Camera; TASER International Inc. AXON Flex; Pinnacle Response Ltd. PR5; Black Mamba Protection LLC BMPpro+; VIEVU LLC LE3; Digital Ally Inc. FirstVu HD; and Wolfcom Enterprises Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Camera. Product advantages and disadvantages are noted in a table.

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U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security- Science- and Technology Directorate (Washington DC)
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