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14 Jun 2021

Pretrial services to promote fair, effective justice system

The Third Judicial District Court in Las Cruces will operate a Pretrial Services program starting June 29.

9 Nov 2020

NIC supporting an improvement in workplace health and safety in correctional settings

The U.S. Department of Justice has tapped the expertise of El Ghaziri, a UMass Lowell researcher, to create a program to improve workplace health and safety for the country's 500,000 correctional officers and staff, a population data shows are at high risk for on-the-job injury, stress, obesity and premature death. El Ghaziri's latest research is supported by a $160,830 grant from the National Institute of Corrections. The goal is to offer the new training protocols at jails, prisons and other correctional facilities across the country.

26 Oct 2020

NIC to provide experts and assistance to Washington County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

Federal assistance will be made available as Washington County officials look for ways to improve the county's criminal justice system in Fayetteville. Lori Eville, with the National Institute of Corrections, told county officials Friday their request for technical assistance will be approved although the details are not final. She said the assistance will include experts to facilitate the work of the county's Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee.

17 Jun 2020

Reaching out to dads in jail: Fathers and children do better when parental identity is supported

Acknowledging and supporting their identity as a parent, Dane County programs utilize NIC methodologies.

22 Jan 2020

Direct Supervision as part of NIC's strategic inmate management under consideration in Maricopa County.

The U.S. Department of Justice's National Institute of Corrections advocates for direct supervision as a key element of strategic inmate management.

"Direct supervision combines two key elements ‑ the physical design of a jail and an inmate management strategy ‑ to significantly reduce the problem inmate behavior commonly seen in jails. Direct supervision jails focus on actively managing inmate behavior to produce a jail that is safe and secure for inmates, staff, and visitors," the agency states at its website,

13 Dec 2019

Veteran-specific housing units provide a host of benefits to incarcerated veterans

Veteran-specific housing units have existed in United States detention centers since at least 2011, mostly in state-level facilities, according to

2 Dec 2019

NIC’s Barracks Behind Bars and Veteran Treatment Courts model serving justice involved veterans in Georgia

The principle couldn’t be simpler. They helped us. We help them.

Just about any veteran can tell you that the transition back into the civilian world is seldom 100% smooth.

That journey is much rougher for some vets than others. When you’re out of the service and you run out of options, you also can run into trouble. That could mean arrests and jail time - too often more than once.

25 Nov 2019

Georgia jail's 'Barracks' aims to help incarcerated veterans with extra resources

A new housing unit within the Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia is aiming to provide military-veteran inmates with additional resources to help them transition back into society upon their release

12 Nov 2019

NIC’s Barracks Behind Bars initiative making a difference in Dane County, Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. - The Dane County Sheriff's Office has created a Veteran's Housing Unit for incarcerated veterans.

30 Aug 2019

NIC’s T4C program helping those on probation in Marietta, Ohio.

Ten men attended the final lesson and graduation ceremony for a "Thinking for a Change" class at Marietta Municipal Court.

"It’s going to help me a lot," one of the participants said. "It’s changed my way of thinking,"

28 Aug 2019

NIC’s pilot program Family Connections intended to bring families of the incarcerated closer together

The family dance at the Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution is part of a prison pilot program from the National Institute of Corrections called Family Connections, which is being tried out at Cybulski and at prisons or jails in New York, Wisconsin, Texas and Oregon.

7 Aug 2019

Norton warden to serve as KDOC Deputy Sec. of Facilities Management

NIC’s Executive Excellence trainee to serve as Kansas Dept. of Corrections Deputy Secretary of Facilities Management

12 Jul 2019

Minnesota Corrections Officers are trained in CIT, diffuse intense encounters

DOC put the course together with the help of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota and the National Institute of Corrections.

12 Jul 2019

Dane County hopes to help inmates be better parents.

Pajarita Charles, an assistant professor in the UW-Madison School of Social Work, says PIO, Parenting Inside Out, was introduced by the National Institute of Corrections to improve family connections with inmates.

19 Jun 2019

Philadelphia Department of Prisons to host Suicide Prevention Symposium with the National Institute of Corrections

Philadelphia Department of Prisons to host Suicide Prevention Symposium with the National Institute of Corrections

23 Apr 2019

Sheriff John Hinton completes 116th Session of National Sheriffs' Institute

Sheriff John Hinton of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office completed participation in the 116th session of the National Sheriffs’ Institute held in Aurora, Colorado, April 15-19.

14 Feb 2019

NIC in Houston assisting Harris County Jail with child-friendly visitation

Experts from the National Institute of Corrections visited Houston as part of an initiative to make the Harris County jail more child-friendly.

25 Jan 2019

Tennessee opens first housing units dedicated to justice involved veterans.

"Veterans will be put together to get into a more common structure. It's veterans, they're going to get through this together," said Rogers, newly appointed by Gov. Bill Lee to lead veteran services. ... Tennessee's veteran housing program follows a national trend of "barracks behind bars." Inmates can work through problems they often share, such as substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

23 Jan 2019

Red Onion State Prison Features NIC Thinking For A Change

Red Onion State Prison in Virginia has been using a number of NIC programs, including NIC's Thinking for a Change Program (T4C) program. As outlined through interviews in the documentary, the facility's use of the T4C program has had an impact on the facility and in the lives of staff and inmates.

19 Nov 2018

Va. helping citizens re-enter society after incarceration

NIC’s Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) tool cited as an essential component of Virginia’s reintegration portal providing a one-stop shop for offenders.

17 Oct 2018

Sheriff Douglas J. McGrath completes 115th Session of National Sheriffs’ Institute program

Morgan County Sheriff Douglas J. McGrath completed participation in the 115th session of the National Sheriff’s Institute, a no-cost program cosponsored by NIC and the National Sherri’s Association.

5 Oct 2018

From crime to jobs: New grant will help

Rock Valley has received a federal grant of nearly $1 million to give local offenders a better chance of avoiding a life of crime through programs like NIC’s Thinking for a Change.