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#DeafInPrison Campaign Fact Sheet

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<p>This educational fact sheet is a resource from Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD). HEARD aims to raise awareness about the abuse of and discrimination against deaf prisoners in the United States. Answers are provided for: American Sign language (ASL) v. English; the number of deaf inmates; deaf prisoner rights; laws that apply to deaf inmates; what "prison in prison" means; policies regarding deaf prisoners; why deaf prisoners are placed in solitary confinement and what happens there; accommodations prisons are providing for deaf inmates; how deaf prisoners manage life in prison (without accommodations); abuse of deaf inmates; how phone calls are made by deaf prisoners; some immediate steps that should be taken by departments of corrections; what happens when deaf prisoners are released from incarceration; and what can those concerned with the treatment of deaf inmates can do.</p>

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