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Essential Skills for New Supervisors

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Making the transition from line staff to supervisor calls for developing new skills and competencies as well as a major shift in mindset from doing one’s own work to supervising the work of others.

This program focuses on core competencies for supervisors. These competencies include developing personal and professional goals, demonstrating leadership, solving problems, thinking critically, making decisions, managing conflict, coaching, counseling, providing discipline, and encouraging staff performance. The DVD package includes:

DVD 1: Group Edition (36-hour training program)
This disc is for facilitators wishing to lead a group through this program and contains videos, a facilitator guide, a participant guide, presentation slides, and supplemental material.

DVD 2: Self-Directed Edition (3-hour program)
This disc is for individuals wishing to go through this program independently. No instructor or group experiences are required for this edition.

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