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Executive Manager in Correctional Health Care

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The goal of this training is to develop a better-prepared correctional senior-level workforce that is knowledgeable in health care administration. Training topics include: Government regulatory standards; Constitutional requirements and ethics; strategic planning; quality improvement; workforce development; finances; contracts; administration of health care; mental health, dental health, custody needs to know; and a keystone/capstone case.

This blended curriculum will require a commitment from registrants that they participate in online pre & post-training meetings in addition to the 32-hour classroom training. The two-person team consists of the Warden or Associate Warden and the Health Services Administrator or the Jail Administrator or Deputy Administrator and his/her Health Services Administrator. The Health Services Administrator should have fewer than eighteen (18) months of experience in their position.

How to Apply

If your agency is interested in hosting this partnership training program, please follow the application requirements for Technical Assistance which can be found at