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The FEPPS Program [Webinar]

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FEPPS’ provides a rigorous college education for 108 women in Washington Corrections Center for Women, currently leading to an Associates of Arts degree. FEPPS was formed in 2012 at the request of the Women’s Village, a leadership organization formed by women inside WCCW, to collaborate on college education for female prisoners. In addition to offering 28 college courses per year, FEPPS offers academic advising, college readiness coursework, and non-credit enrichment programs which are available to prison staff as well as inmates. Our volunteer faculty, all have whom have an MA or PhD, develop and deliver high-quality courses that meet credit/degree requirements while creatively adapting to the logistical constraints that come with teaching in prison. Over the past three years we have graduated 30 students earning an AA degree. FEPPS is a signature initiative of the University of Puget Sound and we have proposed a bachelor’s degree program for women inside the prison. This session discusses how we have collaborated with the library at the university to provide academic research materials and skills to students inside the prison through a partnership with outside undergraduates and the university librarians, and some of the challenges of creating a college program in prison without access to academic databases.

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National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC)