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This initiative is the result of a cooperative agreement between NIC and the Center for Gender and Justice (Bloom, Covington, Messina, Owen, Selvaggi)


  • First, download the full GRPPA manual or each individual Phases (below).
  • Second, review supporting materials.
  • Third, proceed to the GRPPA Scoring Instrument.

Other Information

"Being gender-responsive means creating an environment through site selection, staff selection, program development, content, and material that reflects an understanding of the lives of women and girls and responds to their strengths and challenges (Covington & Bloom, 2002)"

Download Full Manual (.pdf)

    Phase 1: Pre Assessment Activities

    This section describes the necessary activities that agency leadership shall complete before assessment begins. The goal of this section is to identify reasons the agency/leadership chose to assess for gender responsivity (motivation) and determine information available about the female clients (site readiness). Download

    Phase 2: Preparing for GRPPA Facilitation

    This section provides information that can help prepare the GRPPA project team for GRPPA Facilitation by reviewing the GRPPA instructions, instrument and background materials, to ensure that team members are fully prepared to undertake the assessment. Download

    Phase 3: GRPPA Facilitation

    This section offers the facilitation process and identifies options for information collection during the assessment as well as consensus scoring. Download

    Phase 4: Post Assessment Activities

    This section outlines all of the post-assessment activities including selecting priority areas and developing an action plan, and developing and presenting findings and action strategies to agency leadership. Download

    Each section ends with a work plan that summarizes activities and estimates the time it will take for each activity in that phase. It is recommended that the complete, four-phase work plan is printed out to review project activities and time estimates for each activity.