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How can I find resources around succession planning?


Connecting the Dots Among People, Budgets and Missions

Marbury, Raymond, and Roger Mayer, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), 2013

Document ID: 027315

National Jail Succession Planning and Leadership Project: Literature Review

National Jail Succession Planning and Leadership Development Project, Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc., 2010

Forty-two citations are provided with a brief summary and take home point. These entries are organized into the following areas: leadership development for jail administers; general issue of succession planning/mentoring in corrections; gender; other criminal justice fields; retaining correctional professionals; views from current administrators; and outcomes of leadership/mentoring programs.

Document ID: 025697

Solidifying the Workforce: Implementing a Succession Plan at the Caldwell, Comal, and Hays Counties Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Vela, Julissa Marie, Applied Research Projects, Texas State University-San Marcos, Public Administration Program, 2008

Succession Planning: Preparing Future Corrections Leaders--Now

American Correctional Association (ACA), 2006