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Effective Case Planning and Supervision of Justice-Involved Women

1 hour per part

Part 1

Effective Case Planning and Supervision of Justice Involved Women is an interactive, two course series depicting issues and challenges experienced by women in the community, often very different from men.

Applying traditional correctional responses and sanctions, without addressing persistent, underlying issues often related to trauma, may move her closer to violation, revocation, and returns to custody.

In fact, rates of return to custody for technical violations vs. new offenses for women, often exceeds that of men. Emerging gender-responsive research and practice has identified areas that are either unique to women, may occur with greater duration and frequency, or effect women on supervision differently than men.

The goal of this e-learning series is to assist staff in more effectively addressing the level of risk and need presented by women as well as working to identify and incorporate her strengths in the case planning and supervision process.
(NIC ID: 20ECCS2738)

Part 2

The second course is designed for correctional staff and related stakeholders who work with justice-involved women. Some of the information may be relatively basic for those who have received training in gender-responsive, trauma informed practices, and motivational interviewing. For those who have not received training, the content may be relatively new.
(NIC ID: 20ECCS2739)

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