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Interpersonal Communication Skills with Correctional Offenders (1,2,3)

2 hours for each of the 3 courses

Course 1

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for using good communication skills will enhance management, control, and professionalism, when working with offenders. You will be able to describe three major parts of positioning and good posturing, and describe four sizing up skills, primary components of observing, and steps in listening.
(NIC ID: 19ECAC2400)

Course 2

This course will identify the two add-on skills, the two steps in identifying content, meaning, and feeling, the threes techniques used in asking questions, the three levels of intensity for feelings, and identify the components of the 5W's and H method.
(NIC ID: 19ECAC2401)

Course 3

This course will explain more in depth how to manage offender behavior, handling requests, verbal and non-verbal recognition, anti-social patterns, and four basic skill strategies in the Cognitive-Based Communication Model.
(NIC ID: 19ECAC2402)

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