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How Can NIC Help?

I'm looking for Training and/or eCourses for myself

NIC offers in-person, remote, and blended training opportunities. Our eCourse catalog is available to all federal, state, local, and tribal corrections professionals in the US at any time. In-person and blended training programs are available at specific times throughout the year. Subscribe to NIC Email Alerts for these kinds of training opportunities.

I'm looking for Technical Assistance for my organization

NIC offers guidance, support, advice, assessment, and/or customized training that a Technical Resource Provider (TRP) or an NIC staff member provides to federal, tribal, state, or local correctional agencies or other organizations in the field of corrections.

I need help finding corrections information

NIC's expert librarians are able to provide information about nearly every aspect of the corrections field. When a new topic arises or requires new information, they reach out to leading corrections experts for guidance on best practices and thought leadership to get the answers you seek.