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Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy Practice and Statistics (JJGPS)

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This is an excellent resource for individuals working with or concerned about justice-involved juveniles. JJGPS tracks juvenile justice system reform. Juvenile Justice GPS (Geography, Policy Practice & Statistics) is an online repository providing visitors with a sweeping view of the juvenile justice landscape across states and a place to make comparisons and chart change." Six main areas make up this website: jurisdictional boundaries—age boundaries, transfer laws, comparing policy boundaries, and transfer trends; juvenile defense—waivers, timing, structure, indigency requirements, collateral consequences, competency, and national outcomes; racial and ethnic fairness—populations, monitoring methods, reported data, and Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Coordinators; juvenile justice services—structure, evidence-based practices, and recidivism; status offense issues—structure, age boundaries, national outcomes, and reported data; and systems integration—agency integration, coordination, reported data, and progressive data. This website also has: "State juvenile justice profiles highlight the topical content of the JJGPS across its six main menu content areas and underlying topics. Each profile begins with the most recent state trend data on juvenile arrests and custody issues from national data collections and then runs through the six area highlights for comparing and contrasting juvenile justice policy, practice, and statistics."

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Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy Practice and Statistics (JJGPS)


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John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation (Chicago, IL)
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