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Juveniles Who Sexually Offend (JwSO): An Overview

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Juveniles Who Sexually Offend (JwSO): An Overview Cover

This excellent presentation provides a wealth of information about juvenile sex offenders. Issues discussed include: the problem; the legal response; the myths—recidivism, high risk, later offending as adults, and heterogeneity; theories—evolutionary, behavioral and social learning, abuse-abuser, sexual victimization, attachment, ecological, integrated development, and biological, genetic, or neuropsychological; typologies; differentiating JwSO from other offenders; some characteristics identified; assessment; risk assessment—including descriptions of popular measures (J-SOAP-II, ERASOR, J-SORRAT-II, SAVRY, and AIM2) and protective factors; treatment—Good Lives Model (GLM), and residential vs. community treatment; and special population considerations—female JwSO, developmentally delayed (DD)/intellectual disabilities (ID). Attached are the papers: “Adolescent Sex Offenders” by Doug Boer and James Rokop; and “An Online Survey of JSO [juvenile who sexually offend] Practice Characteristics and Methods (rev. 10-8-12)” by the California Coalition of Sexual Offending (CCOSO) Research Committee and the CCOSO Adolescent Practices and Guidelines Committee.


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