U.S. Department of Justice

Norval Morris Project Keystone Group

As the advisory committee for the Norval Morris Project, the Keystone Group strives to ensure that Project outcomes are truly innovative, furthering Dr. Morris’ vision of a making corrections more “just, efficient, and humane.” Keystone Group discussions through meetings and virtual forums provide the foundation for rigorous questioning of the relevance and usefulness of current practices and policies. The group engages in knowledge sharing across disciplines and development of innovative ideas, policies, and practices, striving to prevent any status quo philosophy from becoming pervasive and entrenched.

Group Members

  • Verna Allee, President, Verna Allee Associates
  • Kim Cameron, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan
  • Patricia Caruso, Director, Michigan Department of Corrections
  • Harold Clarke, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Correction
  • Dean Fixsen, PhD, Research Professor, National Implementation Research Network
  • Glenn Goord, Former Commissioner, New York Department of Corrections
  • Robert Guy, Director, North Carolina Department of Community Corrections
  • James Jacobs, PhD, Warren E. Burger Professor of Law, New York University School of Law
  • Justin Jones, Director, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  • Joe Lehman, Secretary, Washington State Department of Corrections (retired)
  • Fleet Maull, Founder/President, Prison Dharma Network
  • Lucia Meijer, President, Vipassana Prison Trust
  • Chase Riveland, Former Secretary, Washington State DOC
  • Linda Rosenberg, CEO, National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
  • Robert Trestman, MA, PhD, Executive Director of Correctional Managed Health Care, University of Connecticut Health Center
  • Melissa Van Dyke, Investigator, National Implementation Research Network
  • Art Wallenstein, Director Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Corrections
  • Diane Williams, President, Safer Foundation

Group Activities

At their first meeting in September of 2008, these thought leaders from diverse correctional and human service backgrounds explored current challenges and trends facing the corrections field. Their mission was to agree on new directions and initiatives for the Keystone Group to pursue over the next few years. As a result of rich and diverse discussions, the Group decided to create topic teams to address the following two questions, starting in 2009:
  1. How can we safely and systematically reduce the correctional population by half in eight years?
  2. How can we transform the workforce to empower staff in reducing recidivism?
Currently, the Group is participating in discussion forums, conference calls, and Web conferences to support the work of the topic teams. The Group also plans to meet in the fall of 2009 to further the work of the current topic teams and discuss the creation of additional topic teams that will honor the work of Dr. Morris, helping the field of corrections to move in a direction that is more “just, efficient, and humane.” The Group continues to disseminate publications through this website and other venues as innovations and research areas emerge.