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LGBTI Training: Immigration Detention

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This is an excellent website for people who work with GLBTI (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) immigrants under U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention and those who visit them. Access is provided to: "An Overview of Immigration Detention for LGBTI" (69 minutes) with welcoming remarks by Angela Maria Kelley, featured speakers Olga Tomchin, Royce Murray, Christina Fialho, and moderator Sharita Gruberg; "Transgender 101: A Training Video for CIVIC Visitor Volunteers” (55 minutes) by Pat Magee; "Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer" by Riki Wilchins; "LGBT Migrants in Immigration Detention" by Shana Tabak and Rachel Levitan; "Social and Legal Barriers: Sexual Orientation and Asylum in the United States" by Timothy J. Randazzo; "A Model Immigration Detention Facility for LGBTI?" by Christina Fialho; "Thoughts from a CIVIC Visitor Volunteer" by Karen Vance; and "A Campaign to Free G" by CIVIC; and "LGBTI Migrants in Immigration Detention: A Global Perspective" by Tabak and Levitan.