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#32955 Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting: September 2017 Clem, Connie Document 2017
#32954 2016 NIC Learning and Performance Symposium: Interactive Instruction Ignites Learning Proceedings Document Cosby, Jimmy (Jim) L., Dent, Case J., Hadnot, Jeff, Hatch, Milan, Hose, Joseph, Iszler, Bernadean (Bernie), Kowalcyk, Launa M., Lemaster, Leslie, Richter, Matthew, Raney, Gary, Vanek, Shaina Document 2017
#32938 Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses at the Pretrial Stage: Essential Elements Fader-Towe, Hallie, Osher, Fred C. Document 2015
reintegration #32927 Improving Public Safety Through Effective Community Reintegration Practices Crawford, Greg, Burke, Susan, Davis, Mike, Jenkins, Mack, Kennedy, Spurgeon, Marlowe, Doug, Mausser, Cynthia, Nunes, Phil, Taylor, Scott, Thompson, Cara Video 2017
Myths & Facts Cover #32859 Myths & Facts - Using Risk and Need Assessments to Enhance Outcomes and Reduce Disparities in the Criminal Justice System Document 2017
Incarceration Rates and Traits of Sexual Minorities in the United States: National Inmate Survey, 2011–2012 cover #32846 Incarceration Rates and Traits of Sexual Minorities in the United States: National Inmate Survey, 2011–2012 Meyer, Ilan H., Flores, Andrew R., Stemple, Lara, Romero, Adam P., Wilson, Bianca D. M., Herman, Jody, L. Document 2017
#32834 Shackled to Debt: Criminal Justice Financial Obligations and the Barriers to Re-Entry They Create Martin, Karin D., Smith, Sandra Susan, Still, Wendy Document 2017
Cover image for How many Americans are Unnecessarily Incarcerated #32833 How Many Americans Are Unnecessarily Incarcerated? Eisen, Lauren-Brooke, Austin, James, Cullen, James, Frank, Johnathan, Chettiar, Inimai M. Document 2016
Environmental Scan 2016 cover #32832 Environmental Scan 2016 Document 2017
A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency cover #32831 A Framework for Pretrial Justice: Essential Elements of an Effective Pretrial System and Agency Pilnik, Lisa, Hankey, Barbara M., Simoni, Elizabeth, Kennedy, Spurgeon, Moore, Leland J., Sawyer, Jim Document 2017
#32828 Should Social Media Be Banned in Prison? Wiltz, Teresa Web Page 2017
Cover image for Aiming to Reduce Time-In-Cell #32811 Aiming to Reduce Time-In-Cell: Reports from Correctional Systems on the Numbers of Prisoners in Restricted Housing and on the Potential of Policy Changes to Bring About Reforms Document 2016
Cover for More than Emptying Bets #32794 More Than Emptying Beds: A Systems Approach to Segregation Reform Pacholke, Dan, Mullins, Sandy Felkey Mixed Media 2016
cover for webinar Veterans Treatment Courts #32786 Live Webinar Event for the Release of NIC Publication "Veterans Treatment Courts: A Second Chance for Vets Who Have Lost Their Way [Webinar] Edelman, Bernard, Berger, Thomas J., Russel, Robert, Jr., Fitzgerald, Melissa, Welch, Patrick, Stefanovic, Nicolas, Crawford, Greg Webinar 2016
Losing Time Cover #32785 Losing Time: Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Behind Bars [Webinar] Hongo, Aileen Webinar 2016
Hope Probation Cover #32784 HOPE Probation: Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Alm, Steven S., Hawken, Angela, Marlowe, Doug, Stinson, Penny, Taylor, Scott, Crawford, Greg Webinar 2016
#32783 National Institute of Corrections' Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Training Courses Course 2016
NIC Dispatch Cover #32778 NIC Information Center Dispatch Archive National Institute of Corrections Web Page 2016
#32777 Reconnecting Justice: Pathways to Effective Reentry though Education and Training Video 2016
#32752 Agenda Jail PIO Network Meeting [Proceedings] Albert, Karen Document 2016
#32749 Federal Interagency Reentry Council: A Record of Progress and a Roadmap for the Future Document 2016
The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities cover #32748 The Continuing Leverage of Releasing Authorities: Findings from a National Survey Ruhland, Ebony L., Rhine, Edward E., Robey, Jason P., Mitchell, Kelly Lyn Document 2016
#32740 Training from A to E: Analysis to Evaluation Guyer, Matthew. Document 2016
#32739 The Corrections Learning Organization National Institute of Corrections Document 2016
#32727 Working with Victims of Crime: An Integrated Approach for Community Supervision Professionals Baker, Maureen, King, Erica, Wheeler, Tara, Conners, Anne, Sanchez, Mara Web Page 2016
Transition from Jail to Community Cover #32726 Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative Phase 2 Site Reports Christensen, Gary, Janetta, Jesse, Kurs, Emma, Owens, Colleen, Rao, Shebani, Warwick, Kevin, Willison, Janeen Buck Document 2016
#32724 Communications Toolkit: Resources for Outreach and Educating Others on Justice Involved Women and Gender Responsive Approaches Web Page 2016
Defining Violence Cover #32723 Defining Violence: Reducing Incarceration by Rethinking America's Approach to Violence Document 2016
Restrictive Housing Facilitator Guide Cover #32721 Restrictive Housing: Roadmap to Reform [Internet Broadcast] Stines, Joseph “Tony”, Allison, Kathleen, Burns, Kathryn A., Garcia, Marie, Jeffreys, Rob, Marcial, David, Moore-Smeal, Shirley, Quirk, Ryan, Reid, Larry E. Video 2016
#32719 Pretrial Justice: How to Maximize Public Safety, Court Appearance and Release [Internet Broadcast] Green, Katie, Eville, Lori, Boatner, Peter L., Johnson, Susan (Suzi), Kennedy, Spurgeon, Moore, Leland J., O’Connor, Tom, Rose, Ken, Schnacke, Timothy, Zeerip, Bo A. Video 2016
Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data Cover #32716 Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data: The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes Holsinger, Alexander M. Document 2016
Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents cover #32715 Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents Web Page 2016
#32714 Risk, Race, & Recidivism: Predictive Bias and Disparate Impact Skeem, Jennifer L., Lowenkamp, Christopher T. Document 2016
#32713 Review of the Literature on Jail Diversion Programs and Summary Recommendations for the Establishment of a Mental Health Court and Crisis Center within Douglas County, Kansas Severson, Margaret, Matejkowski, Jason Document 2016
Nevada Pretrial Cover #32712 Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (NPR) Documents Web Page 2016
Crime Survivors Speak Cover #32711 Crime Survivors Speak: The First-Ever National Survey of Victims' Views on Safety and Justice Document 2016
#32708 Aligning Leadership and Management Practices with EBP Aguilar-Amaya, Maria Document 2015
#32706 Ban the Box, Criminal Records, and Statistical Discrimination: A Field Experiment Agan, Amanda Y., Starr, Sonja B. Document 2016
#32698 Myths & Facts - Why Incarceration Is Not the Best Way to Keep Communities Safe Document 2016
#32690 Protecting Written Family Communication in Jails: A 50-State Survey Frost, Corey Document 2016
#32671 HOPE II: A Followup Evaluation of Hawai'i’s HOPE Probation Hawken, Angela, Kulick, Jonathan, Smith, Kelly, Mei, Jie, Zhang, Yiwen, Jarman, Sara, Yu, Travis, Carson, Chris, Vial, Tifanie Document 2016
#32670 An Opinion Survey of the Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Where the Community Corrections Field Is Going and What It Needs to Get There Document 2016
#32669 NACo County Explorer: Mapping County Data Harper, Donta S. Web Page 2016
#32665 Review Panel on Prison Rape Report on Sexual Victimization in Prisons, Jails, and Juvenile Correctional Facilities, April 2016 Document 2016
#32664 Jail Incarceration Trends Web Page 2016
#32650 Thinking for a Change 4.0 Bush, Jack, Glick, Barry, Juliana Taymans, Ph.D. Web Page 2016
No Place for Youth: Girls in the Adult Justice System cover #32648 No Place for Youth: Girls in the Adult Justice System Davis, Antoinette, Gentile, Andrea, Glesman, Caroline Document 2017
Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, March 21-22, 2016 cover #32647 Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting Aurora, Colorado, March 21-22, 2016 Connie, Clem Document 2016
#32646 Restrictive Housing: An Annotated Bibliography Document 2016
#32635 Wisconsin Department of Corrections Interactive Dashboards Web Page 2016