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Image Title Accession Numbersort ascending Author(s) Type Publication Year
cover image for publication Community Supervision Operational and Organizational Stress: White Paper 033335 Jana Braswell, Kristina Bryant, Fiona Kennedy, Tara Kunkel Document 2022
cover image for publication Measuring What Matters: Outcome and Performance Measures for the Pretrial Services Field 033331 Document 2021
cover image National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2019 033330 Document 2021
cover image for publication Objective Prison Classification: A Guide for Correctional Agencies 033328 Patricia L. Hardyman, James Austin Document 2021
The Mindful Supervisor Image The Mindful Supervisor [Webinar] 033327 Rosalind Smith Sistrunk, Belinda Stewart Streaming Video 2020
cover of publication Back to Normal: Considerations for Returning Jails to Pre-COVID-19 Operations 033326 Document 2020
image for webinar Communicating with Families and Children in Correctional Facilities [Webinar] 033320 Hilary Cuthrell, Ann Adalist-Estrin, Sofi Martinez Streaming Video 2020
The Mental Health of Community Correctional Officers: Supervising Persons with Serious Mental Illness 033319 Nicholas Powell, Matthew Gayman Document 2019
(PH)REAL: PHilosophy, Relationship, Equipping, Attitude and Leadership 033268 Anita Grant, Lefford L. Fate Streaming Video 2020
Undue Familiarity: Do You Believe You Can Never Be Comprised? [Webinar] 033265 Susan Poole, Evelyn Bush, Donna Ledbetter, Leslie LeMaster Streaming Video 2019
cover image for bibliography Correctional Officer Suicide Annotated Bibliography 033237 Document 2016
Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Reduction, and Prevention 033224 Aroon Seeda Video 2019
A screenshot of the Corrections Environmental Scan Website 2018 Corrections Environmental Scan 033176 Web Page 2019
Prescription Drugs of Abuse and Misuse in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 033158 Leslie LeMaster, Anita Grant, Jessica Murrer, Tami Rodriguez, Brian LaPlant, Michael Richards Streaming Video 2019
Using Front End Interventions To Achieve Public Safety And Healthy Communities 033157 Rachelle Ramirez Document 2017
Best Practices in the Assessment, Treatment, and Risk Management of Persons Who Have Sexually Offended 033135 Robin J. Wilson Document 2017
Preventing and Controlling Hepatitis A in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 033127 Sarah Bur, Liesl Hagan Streaming Video 2019
Training from A (Analysis) to E (Evaluation) ‐ Are You Applying the Science of Learning and Performance? [Webinar] 033126 Bernie Iszler, Jeff Hadnot, Leslie LeMaster Streaming Video 2019
Assessing Learning in Your Library [Webinar] 033125 Natasha Jankowski, Kara Malenfant Streaming Video 2018
Measuring the Effect of Library Usage [Webinar] 033123 Kirsten Kinsley Streaming Video 2018
Offender Use of the Library [Webinar] 033122 Jane Garner Streaming Video 2018
Assessment, Your Library, and Your Collections [Webinar] 033121 Jill Hurst-Wahl Streaming Video 2019
How To Use Research in Practice [Webinar] 033120 Virginia Wilson Streaming Video 2018
Working Effectively with the Law Library [Webinar] 033119 Blythe Balistrieri Streaming Video 2018
cover of report National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2018: Results and Innovations 033117 Document 2020
cover image for publication Dosage Probation: A Prescription Based on Two Pilot Sites’ Experiences 033116 Madeline M. Carter Document 2020
cover image Recommendations for Practice: Post-Conviction Victims' Rights and Services 033114 Document 2019
cover image National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2017: Partners for Change 033113 Document 2019
Environmental Scan 2017 033112 Document 2019
Agenda Jail PIO Network Meeting 2017 [Proceedings] 033108 Document 2017
Model Practices for Parents in Prisons and Jails: Reducing Barriers to Family Connections 033094 Jocelyn Fontaine, Lindsey Cramer, Arielle Reisman, Hilary Cuthrell, Margaret Goff, Evelyn McCoy, Reginal - Travis, Bryce Peterson Document 2019
Replication Validation of the Employment Retention Inventory: An Assessment Tool of the National Institute of Corrections 033093 Ashlin Oglesby-Neal, Jennifer Yahner, Emily Reimal, Storm Ervin, Julie Semuels Document 2019
cover inamge for resource Barracks Behind Bars II: In Veteran-Specific Housing Units, Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves 033092 Deanne Benos, Bernard Edleman, Greg Crawford Document 2020
Law Enforcement Officers Respecting Service, Restoring Honor for Vets in Crisis 033091 Hal Donahue, Kristen Brackett, Bernard Edelman, Greg Crawford Document 2019
Sustaining Systems Change: Findings from a Transition from Jail to Community Initiative Stakeholder Survey 033086 Janeen Buck Willison, Jeff Mellow, Travis Reginal Document 2018
Pretrial Release and Probation: What is the Same and What is Different? 033085 Timothy R. Schnacke Document 2018
A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems cover A Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making in State and Local Criminal Justice Systems 033067 Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) (Silver Spring MD), The Carey Group (Viera FL) Document 2017
Barracks Behind Bars Cover Barracks Behind Bars In Veteran-Specific Housing Units, Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves 033065 Bernard Edelman, Deanne Benos Document 2018
Paving the Way: Lessons Learned in Sentinel Events Reviews 033063 Document 2015
Adult Pre-Release Handbook: Pre-Release Information for an Informed Re-Entry and a Successful Transition 033062 Document 2018
National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Poster 2018 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) Resource Guide 033033 Web Page 2018
Critical Issues Impacting Women in the Justice System: A Literature Review 033010 Barbara Owen, Joycelyn Pollock, James Wells, Jennifer Leahy Document 2014
Proceedings of the L.J.N. Meetings Cover Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting: September 2017 032955 Document 2017
2016 NIC Learning and Performance Symposium Cover 2016 NIC Learning and Performance Symposium: Interactive Instruction Ignites Learning Proceedings Document 032954 Jim Cosby, Case J. Dent, Jeff Hadnot, Milan Hatch, Joseph Hose, Bernie Iszler, Launa M. Kowalcyk, Leslie LeMaster, Matthew Richter, Gary Raney, Shaina Vanek Document 2017
Myths & Facts Cover Myths & Facts - Using Risk and Need Assessments to Enhance Outcomes and Reduce Disparities in the Criminal Justice System 032859 Document 2017
Incarceration Rates and Traits of Sexual Minorities in the U.S. cover Incarceration Rates and Traits of Sexual Minorities in the United States: National Inmate Survey, 2011–2012 032846 Ilan H. Meyer, Andrew R. Flores, Lara Stemple, Adam P. Romero, Bianca D. M. Wilson, Jody L. Herman Document 2017
Working With Women Who Perpetrate Violence: A Practice Guide Cover Working With Women Who Perpetrate Violence: A Practice Guide 032838 Marilyn Van Dieten, Natalie J. Jones, Monica Rondon Document 2014
Transgender Broadcast cover image Transgender Persons In Custody: The Legal Landscape 032835 Lorie Brisbin, Julie Abbate, Brenda V. Smith, Hayley Gorenberg, Ken Hyle, Harper Jean Tobin Video 2017
Shackled to Debt Cover Shackled to Debt: Criminal Justice Financial Obligations and the Barriers to Re-Entry They Create 032834 Karin D. Martin, Sandra Susan Smith, Wendy Still Document 2017
Cover image for How many Americans are Unnecessarily Incarcerated How Many Americans Are Unnecessarily Incarcerated? 032833 James Austin, James Cullen, Johnathan Frank, Inimai Chettiar, Lauren-Brooke Eisen Document 2016