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Adult Pre-Release Handbook: Pre-Release Information for an Informed Re-Entry and a Successful Transition 033062 Document 2018
Assessment, Your Library, and Your Collections [Webinar] 033121 Hurst-Wahl, Jill Webinar 2019
Prescription Drugs of Abuse and Misuse in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 033158 Lemaster, Leslie, Grant, Anita, Murrer, Jessica, Rodriguez, Tami, LaPlant, Brian, Richards, Michael Webinar 2019
Model Practices for Parents in Prisons and Jails: Reducing Barriers to Family Connections 033094 Bryce Peterson, Fontaine, Jocelyn, Cramer, Lindsey, Arielle Reisman, Hilary Cuthrell, Margaret Goff, Evelyn McCoy, and Travis Reginal Document 2019
Environmental Scan 2017 033112 Document 2019
Replication Validation of the Employment Retention Inventory: An Assessment Tool of the National Institute of Corrections 033093 Oglesby-Neal, Ashlin, Yahner, Jennifer, Reimal, Emily, Ervin, Storm, Semuels, Julie. Document 2019
A screenshot of the Corrections Environmental Scan Website 2018 Corrections Environmental Scan 033176 National Institute of Corrections (NIC) (Washington, DC) Web Page 2019
Undue Familiarity: Do You Believe You Can Never Be Comprised? [Webinar] 033265 Poole, Susan, Bush, Evelyn, Ledbetter, Donna, Lemaster, Leslie Webinar 2019
cover image National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2017: Partners for Change 033113 Document 2019
Training from A (Analysis) to E (Evaluation) ‐ Are You Applying the Science of Learning and Performance? [Webinar] 033126 Hadnot, Jeffrey, Iszler, Bernie, LeMaster, Leslie. Webinar 2019
Preventing and Controlling Hepatitis A in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 033127 Bur, Sarah, Hagan, Liesl Webinar 2019
Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Reduction, and Prevention 033224 Seeda, Aroon Video 2019
Law Enforcement Officers Respecting Service, Restoring Honor for Vets in Crisis 033091 Donahue, Hal, Brackett, Kristen, Edelman, Bernard, Crawford, Greg Document 2019
The Mental Health of Community Correctional Officers: Supervising Persons with Serious Mental Illness 033319 Powell, Nicholas, Gayman, Matthew Document 2019
The Mindful Supervisor Image The Mindful Supervisor [Webinar] 033327 Sistrunk, Rosalind Smith, Stewart, Belinda Webinar 2020
cover of report National Institute of Corrections Report to the Nation FY 2018: Results and Innovations 033117 Document 2020
image for webinar Communicating with Families and Children in Correctional Facilities: Part #2 033338 Cuthrell, Hilary, Adalist-Estrin, Ann, Martinez, Sofi, Hughes, Joseph, Aubrey, Lavonnia, Lewis, Sam Webinar 2020
Putting the Science into Self-Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention Putting the Science into Self-Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention [Webinar] 033370 Aufderheide, Dean, Richards, Scott Webinar 2020
What’s Your Eye Chart Saying? How Our Beliefs Filter Our Views [Webinar] 033371 Stewart, Belinda, Durr, Alfranda, Heistad, Kari Webinar 2020
image for webinar COVID-19: How are Pretrial Service Agencies Dealing with the Coronavirus? [Webinar] 033372 Crawford, Greg, Eville, Lori, Kennedy, Spurgeon, Thomas, Karen, Blair, Tara Boh, Burns, Kevin, Lawrence, Krista, Tunheim, Jon, Clear, Marianne Webinar 2020
(PH)REAL: PHilosophy, Relationship, Equipping, Attitude and Leadership 033268 Grant, Anita, Fate, Lefford L. Webinar, Streaming Video 2020
image for webinar Communicating with Families and Children in Correctional Facilities [Webinar] 033320 Cuthrell, Hilary, Adalist-Estrin, Ann, Martinez, Sofi Webinar 2020
cover inamge for resource Barracks Behind Bars II: In Veteran-Specific Housing Units, Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves 033092 Benos, Deanne, Edleman, Bernard, Crawford, Greg Document 2020
cover of publication Back to Normal: Considerations for Returning Jails to Pre-COVID-19 Operations 033326 Document 2020