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Improving State and Local Criminal Justice Systems: A Report on How Public Defenders, Prosecutors, and Other Criminal Justice System Practitioners Are Collaborating Across the Country

Publication year: 1998
In response to a desire to improve the quality of criminal defense service for indigent defendants, this report describes seven models of collaborative interagency planning. The models and jurisdictions in which they are used are: (1) criminal justice planning commissions: California, Georgia, Kentucky, and Nebraska; (2) cooperation in programs receiving federal funds: California, Delaware, and Minnesota; (3) task force; Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington State; (4) fill the gap coalitions; Florida and Arizona; (5) joint prosecutor/public defender unions: California and Minnesota; (6) cooperation in case tracking and criminal history systems: Florida, Delaware, and Rhode Island; and fiscal impact statements: Maryland. An appendix provides names and addresses of contacts for more information about each program.