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Juvenile Sex Offender Research Bibliography

Publication year: 1999

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  • 015459

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  • 1999
  • 45 pages.
Compiled by OJJDP, this bibliography is a comprehensive listing of scholarly research and literature relating to juvenile sex offenders. These 532 entries are grouped according to the following topics: literature reviews; books and reports; assessment -- decision making; assessment: tool development; treatment -- psychological research; treatment elements; treatment models; treatment -- issues of concern to individuals working with juvenile sex offenders; characteristics -- offender's own abuse history; characteristics -- sexualization; offender characteristics divided into incest, family and peers, mental health, recidivism, comparative studies, retrospective studies, and combination of characteristics; characteristics -- modus operandi; legal issues; juvenile female sex offenders; adult female and juvenile female sex offenders; miscellaneous; and normative aspects of growth and development.