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NAVCON Brig Sex Offender Treatment Program [Facilitator and Participant Manuals]

Publication year: 1996?

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  • 1996?
This two year voluntary program assists participants through group sessions and individual behavioral treatment sessions in finding ways to avoid inappropriate and illegal sexual behavior in the future. There are eight modules in this program.
  • Module I is an introduction to the program and covers why enter, what is treatment, autobiography, blocks to treatment, and a glossary.
  • Module II covers relapse prevention and includes: information on the cycle of abuse; building, adding thoughts and coping responses to a behavior offense chain; problem of immediate gratification; handling high-risk elements; and guided lapse stories.
  • Cognitive restructuring is module III, and covers: thinking about thinking; setting the stage to interpret the world; thinking errors and tactics to avoid change; common cognitive distortions and their identification; linking your thinking, or the thought-by-thought process; and modifying deviant thoughts.
  • Module IV covers relationship skills like passivity, aggression, and assertiveness, listening skills, expressing yourself, social skills, family relationships, dealing with conflict, and dating skills.
  • Victim awareness comprises module V and covers the spectrum of sexual abuse, victim knowledge, sympathy and empathy, the relationship triangle, and clarification and victim letters.
  • Module VI provides information concerning sexuality. Module contents include: sex and sexuality; sexual anatomy and physiology; sexual development; responsible sexual behavior; male sexual myths; attraction, infatuation, love and intimacy; and sexual dysfunctions and disorders.
  • The contents of module VII cover the management of deviant sexual arousal and include masturbatory and verbal satiation, covert sensitization, and olfactory aversion.
  • Module VIII, the final module, covers the second phase of treatment, that of on-going, continuous maintenance.