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Predictors of Sexual Recidivism: An Updated Meta-Analysis

Publication year: 2004

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  • 019553

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  • 2004
  • 48 pages.
"[Research evidence concerning recidivism risk factors for sexual offenders" is examined (p. ii). This report contains the following sections: abstract; a model of sex offense risk; combining risk factors; the need for an updated review; method; results according to comparison across categories of risk predictors, predictors of sexual recidivism, accuracy of sexual recidivism risk assessments, predictors of violent non-sexual recidivism, accuracy of predicting violent recidivism, predictors of general recidivism, and accuracy of predictions of general recidivism; and discussion. There is no statistically significant difference in predictive accuracy between various actuarial measures utilized for predicting sexual recidivism.