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Prison Rape: A Critical Review of the Literature Executive Summary [and] Working Paper

Publication year: 2004

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  • 2004
  • 64 pages.
Thumbnail preview [S]ubstantive suggestions on the best ways to measure the prevalence and incidence of sexual victimization in prison,...problems that will be encountered in assessing and interpreting results of a national survey of prisons and jails, and...prior and current research are reviewed (p. 1). This report covers: federal legislation; defining sexual victimization--prevalence and incidence; prison rape literature; studies involving primarily men, or men and women; studies involving exclusively women--coerced sex among women; U.S. national probability sample of rape during incarceration; U.S. national probability sample of forced sexual activity among youth in juvenile facilities; summary of prison rape estimation studies; a meta-analysis of prison sexual assault studies; social desirability of responses and the nature of sensitive questions; study procedures and the problem of selective bias; recall and telescoping; interview modes; the problem of validity; sample size and question wording; adjustments to the prison rape estimates and the ranking of problematic prisons; and summary.