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Interpersonal Communications in the Correctional Setting: IPC

Publication year: 2004

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  • 020035

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  • 2004
  • 2 computer disks; 1 DVD-ROM (100 min.) + 1 CD-ROM

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Thumbnail preview This basic communication skills training program, developed by Robert R. Carkhuff, has been used by correctional agencies for more than thirty-five years to train officers and counselors. Sessions contained in this course are: introduction to the IPC (interpersonal communication) model; the basics -- sizing up the situation; positioning; posturing; observing; listening; summary of the basics; the add-ons -- communicating to inmates; responding to inmates -- identifying content; responding to inmates -- identifying feeling; responding to inmates -- identifying meaning; asking questions; summary of the add-ons; the applications -- managing behavior; handling requests; making requests; reinforcing behavior; summary of the applications; and conclusion.

The CD contains the instructor guide, participant manual, and the competency test and answer key.

The DVD includes narrative introductions to the skill being discussed and dramatized scenes that show the lack or use of the skill being covered.