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Report to the Congress of the United States on the Activities of the Department of Justice in Relation to the Prison Rape Elimination Act (Public Law 108-79)

Publication year: 2007

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  • 2007
  • 45 pages.
Thumbnail preview Covering the calendar year 2006, this fourth annual report to Congress summarizes the activities of the Office of Justice Programs and the National Institute of Corrections to curtail prison rape. In addition to an introduction and background, this report reviews activities and accomplishments for the: Office of Justice Programs (OJP); National Institute of Justice (NIJ) -- legislative mandate, research awards and activities, and PREA research reports; Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) -- legislative mandate, expert panel meetings, administrative survey collections, victim self-report survey collections, coordination efforts, and PREA-related publications; Review Panel on Prison Rape—legislative mandate and information gathering; Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) -- legislative mandate, awarding of Protecting Inmates and Safeguarding Communities Program Grants, and other assistance (BJA Award Summaries); and National Institute of Corrections (NIC) -- legislative mandate, classroom training, training development, professional conferences, videoconference, informational videos, technical assistance, other assistance activities, evaluation, and national clearinghouse. Appendixes include: BJA FY 2006 Protecting Inmates and Safeguarding Communities Project Summaries; NIC/WCL (Washing College of Law) Project on Addressing Prison Rape—Sample Action Plans; and PREA Training for Trainers—Training Plan Progress Summaries.