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History of Street Gangs in the United States

Publication year: 2010
This bulletin should be the first stop for anyone interested in gangs and their history. Topics discussed include: the influence of population migration patterns on gang emergence; street gang emergence in the Northeast; gangs in New York City; modern-day Eastern gangs; street gangs in Chicago; modern-day Midwest gangs; gang names and alliances; gang growth in the West; Los Angeles’ gangs; modern-day gangs in the West; gang emergence in the South; immigrant group waves; “transnational” gangs; 18th Street Gang; Mara Salvatrucha 13; Central America gang member estimates; U.S. gang involvement in drug trafficking along the U.S.-Mexico border; cartel territories and drug routes; gang influence along the U.S.-Mexico border; the revolving door of transnational gang member migration; and concluding observations.