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Arizona Family Members Behind Bars: Difficult Questions Children Ask…and Answers That Might Help: A Caregiver’s Guide to Arizona’s Criminal Justice System from Arrest to Release

Publication year: 2011
If your agency provides services to the children of incarcerated individuals, you may want to look at this manual for guiding your own efforts at developing a publication for the children of your inmates. It might be something you share with community partners. The guide offers assistance in answering the often tough questions of what is happening to a child’s parent. Sections of this publication include: how to use this manual; 10 tips for caregivers; 10 questions a child might ask about the criminal justice system, arrest, court, conviction, sentencing, prison, and probation and parole; sequence of events in criminal prosecutions; location maps for Arizona prisons; contact information; Internet resources; and “The National Bill of Rights for Children of the Incarcerated.”