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Security Threat Groups (STGs)

Publication year: 2009

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  • 2009
  • 24 pages
“The purpose of this Department Order is to minimize the threat that inmate gang or gang like activity poses to the safe, secure and efficient operation of institutions … Minimizing gang or gang like activity shall be accomplished by the identification, certification and validation of prison gangs and gang members, the debriefing and segregation of inmates who disavow gang membership, and a step-down process for gang members who participate in programming, shun gang activity and affiliation, and remain disciplinary free” (p. 2). Procedures cover: group certification and annual review; suspect identification and monitoring; individual validation; validation hearings; appeals; STG member debriefing; classification and management; STG Step-Down Program procedure; completion of the STG Step-Down Program at the Browning Unit; step-down transition to general population and monitoring; removal and termination from the STG Step-Down Program; record repository; and return to custody.